In 2012, Wendy Heaney and Bruce Preston moved to The Gurdies buying a property next to the family farm. The property came with an acre of diseased grape vines. After ignoring advice from several wine makers in the area to bulldoze the vines and start again, Bruce rolled up his sleeves and took on the challenge to turn these vines around and make a go of it. With the help and advice from our neighbour Dick Wettenhall from The Gurdies Winery, the vines started to improve and in 2015 Heaston Estate was established. Since then, we have enjoyed 4 good years of wine with the grapes improving each year. In that same year (2015), one of our black Angus cows gave birth to twins. Two heifers, one black and one red. In a herd of black cattle, the little red one, named Ginge stood out in the paddock and in our hearts. The cow on our label is a tribute to Ginge. We too, strive for our wines to stand out in a crowd.

This year we have set the wheels in motion to achieve our Wine and Beer Producers licence, which will enable us to sell our wine in restaurants, shops and on line. While our application proceeds, we have obtained limited liquor licences allowing us to sell our wine at Farmers Markets and Wine and Food Festivals. If you enjoy our wine and would like to purchase
more, please see the dates below showing where and when you can find us. We would like to thank you for your patience, while we go through the motions of achieving a full licence.

Our thanks go to Dick Wettenhall from The Gurdies Winery, who turns our grapes into delicious Heaston Estate wine. If you ever find yourself passing by The Gurdies, do yourself a favour and stop in at the Winery. There is quite a variety of award winning wines for you to taste, all made at the Winery by Dick from grapes grown on the property.